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Home Insurance

At AAA, we strive to make sure that you have total peace of mind knowing that your home and personal property is covered.

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We Protect What Matters Most To You

A homeowners policy offers more than physical coverage. It offers financial security for you and your family.

Homeowners insurance covers sudden and accidental losses to your home, covered personal property and certain liability exposures. But, there are common exclusions to homeowners policies or limits to key coverages that, unless you have a full understanding of your policy, can lead to unpleasant surprises when you file a claim. See the steps below for better understanding your homeowners insurance needs and more information on the type of policy you are purchasing.

Things to think about when choosing homeowners coverage

Value of your home

Insurance companies use ‘Reconstruction Costs’ to determine the amount to which your property is insured – or how much it would take to reconstruct your property.  In most cases, the reconstruction cost is different than the sale price because land is NOT covered in the reconstruction cost. Let your agent know about unique or custom features in your home like specialty flooring, kitchens and baths.

Value of expensive items

This includes every single piece of clothing, furniture, silver wear, pots and pans, books, toys, electronics, jewelry and all other possessions that make your house a home. AAA Insurance offers Replacement Cost Contents so you get full value for your possessions, even if they are no long considered ‘new’

Value of liability coverage

One of the most undervalued portions of the homeowners policy, Coverage E is provided in the event that you or a household member are legally responsible for injury to others, such as a visitor falling and injuring themselves or an incident with an aggressive pet. A benefit of AAA Insurance Homeowners policies is that coverage for Personal Injury is included on all of our policies. We make sure you are covered!

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